Marginalen Bank/LEWERENTZ. A MASTERPIECE. 2017

Jonas Lindström has captured the pioneering beauty of Grönlandet, one of the legendary architect Sigurd Lewerentz most seminal buildings in a photo essay. This personal documentation of the unique architectural masterpiece is included in a book that was recently published to celebrate Stockholm landmark’s transition from the headquarters of a government agency to the new home of Marginalen Bank.


English title: Lewerentz. A Masterpiece.
Swedish title: Lewerentz. Ett mästerverk.
Genre: Architecture
Authors: Fredric Bedoire, Kerstin Wickman, Vicki Wenander, Ewa Glennow. Foreword by Wilfried Wang
Photo: Jonas Lindström
Hardcover, illustrated
Format 26 x 34 cm
About 230 pages
Designer: Caroline Karlstrom
Original: Petter Dubvig / Henrik Nygren Design
Issued: September 2017

English version
Title: Lewerentz. A Masterpiece.
ISBN 978-91-88439-16-1

Swedish version
Title: Lewerentz. Ett mästerverk.
ISBN 978-91-88439-05-5